B.E.A.S.T patent pending behavioral intelligence system is the nucleus of everything we do. B.E.A.S.T tags, tracks and scores each individual visitor arriving at your website, making your anonymous web traffic identifiable. Sophisticated algorithms learn your shoppers’ behavior, then target them in real-time using B.E.A.S.T powered tools to convert more of your valuable traffic into higher quality leads.

Identify referring sources & how long visitors spend on any web page

Identify your anonymous web visitors and make them identifiable. Trigger unique engagement based on URL and B.E.A.S.T score!

Proactively request chats with your most serious shoppers based on behavior and URL


    Identify anonymous users on your website and make them identifiable with B.E.A.S.T Engage your users differently based on behavior.


    B.E.A.S.T tracks your users’ behavior to identify patterns and provide relevant messaging and engagement at the right time on the right page.


    B.E.A.S.T scores each individual user on your site to identify first-time visitors from your most serious shoppers.


    Target your most serious shoppers with more aggressive offers and proactive chat requests.


    Set tiered triggers based on behavioral score to enage your users with relevant and targeted offers and chat requests.


    Convert your traffic into high quality opportunities for your team. Arm your team with B.E.A.S.T behavioral data for stronger follow up.

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