28 September 2022
Creating a Conversational Masterpiece: During the Chat – How to Find Your Flow

By: Victoria Lieber
September 28, 2022

Now that you’ve built your dream team and gotten them trained on your chat platform, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned to a live conversation!

Handling your first live chat may be a little intimidating, but don’t worry— we’ve got you covered.

Main Goal: finding your own flow.

A consumer can start a conversation instantly–which is great–but they can end one just as quickly. To maximize engagement during the chat, you’ll want your team to follow some general “best practice” guidelines.

Here, you can use some of ours as a starting point:

  • Think first; jump (in) second. If you have a chat service with specialists who can handle your chats from start-to-finish, you may want to wait before having someone jump in to every single conversation. For example:
    • If someone is asking for simple information like hours of operation or if a vehicle is available, it is usually best to let your chat provider (or assistive technology) handle it. Spending your own time and resources for what we refer to as concierge chats are typically not an efficient use of your time.
    • As a general rule, if someone is asking for more in depth information about something specialized (i.e. financing, loans, leases, recall appointments, etc.), then you should consider jumping in, if you can. Your chat provider will likely still be able to handle this conversation and collect the lead, but when you jump into these types of conversations to close leads in real-time, you potentially reduce (or remove!) the time gap often experienced by consumers seeking to take action but forced to wait for a follow-up.
  • Always, always read the chat transcript. Before you jump in, make sure you read the entire conversation first! Asking the customer to provide information they already sent is not a great experience.
  • Greetings and salutations. By the time you’re ready to enter a conversation, the customer has likely provided their name (or, if your chat platform, marketing platform, and CRM are in-sync, the customer may have been identified without prompting), you should always greet the customer by their name and introduce yourself.
  • Build instant rapport. Acknowledging something said earlier in the chat (or even in a previous chat) will help you to quickly build rapport with the person you’re communicating with now. Rapport is the first stepping stone to trustworthiness, and trustworthiness is a requirement to build a relationship.
  • Ask targeted, qualifying questions. For example:
    • What make/model are you interested in financing?
    • Are you looking for any specific features?
    • Do you have a trade-in?
  • Utilize your tools to their fullest. Take advantage of all the features your chat platform has to offer. A good chat platform should include features like:
    • The ability to search inventory and send vehicle details directly to the customer through the chat.
    • The ability to send photos and videos (i.e. recording a quick vehicle walk-through video for the customer or sending a picture of the odometer).
    • The ability to easily switch to a live video chat without requiring the customer to install anything.
    • The ability to follow-up or re-engage over certain messaging platforms, like Facebook Messenger, even after the conversation has ended.
    • Integrations that make your marketing, CRM, and deal-making efficient, controlled, and good experiences for your customers and for your own operations.
  • Respect always wins. When it comes time to gather lead information, make sure that you collect the customer’s information politely and respectfully. Don’t start the conversation with “Hey my name is Marissa, can I get your full name, date of birth, zodiac sign and favorite color?” Warm the customer up first, build initial trust, and then ask for the information.
  • Save, save, save. Don’t forget to send the lead to your CRM through the chat platform to make sure that the transcripts are attached to the customer’s profile. Some platforms automatically push that information over, some require a manual push, and others are integrated with a single customer record. Your team should know your chat platform and CRM’s integration points and have established processes based on your own tools.


Why listen to us?

We’ve been experts in the industry for over a decade, and just last year we handled over 12 million chats and produced over 5 million leads. No matter what tool you use, these tips will help you build the foundations of your conversational masterpiece.


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