PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT: GUBAGOO, INC 1000 Southern Blvd, #300, West Palm Beach, FL, 33405

DURATION: Temporary/Full time employment from 03/14/16 to 03/13/17

DUTIES: Develop, create, & modify general computer app software or specialized utility programs in connection with new mobile app. Analyze user needs & develop software solutions. Design software and/or customize software for client use w/aim of optimizing operational efficiency of mobile app w/system architecture. Develop & maintain new code to support company's software platforms for real-time transactions & tracking for hundreds of thousands of visitors per day. Orchestrate full-stack development, working w/front-end HTML, CSS & JS & server-side PHP, node.js & socket.io for real-time communications, & several data stores including MySQL Server, Redis, & MongoDB. Provide team w knowledge in developing software systems within service oriented architecture. Develop & direct software system testing & validation procedures, programming, & documentation. Analyze & design databases within app area, working individually or coordinating database development as part of a team. Confer w/system analysts, engineers, programmers & others to design system & to obtain info on project limitation & capabilities, performance requirements & interfaces. Tools, supplies, & equipment will be provided to employee at no charge


REQUIREMENTS: Master’s Degree in Computer Science or foreign equivalent.

HOURS: 40 hrs/wk. M-F, 9am-5:30pm. No OT available

SALARY: $44.15 per hour. Employee portions of medical, dental, vision, 401K and family group insurance will be deducted from paycheck.

MISCELANEOUS: No daily transportation to work site, board or lodging, on-the-job training or subsistence at area of employment provided. Transportation & subsistence to place of work will be provided if worker completes ½ of work period. Return transportation & subsistence will be provided if worker completes work period or is dismissed earlier..

Send resumes to:
State Workforce Agency
REF: JOB ORDER # 10121011
3400 Belvedere Rd.
West Palm Beach, FL 33406

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