Turn missed calls
into live opportunities

TalkSmart keeps your phones open 24/7. So whether your phones are busy, your store is closed, or you are running a special campaign, TalkSmart has got you covered.


16% of calls into dealerships go unanswered. Busy phones means frustrated customers. Turn on TalkSmart and have us handle those missed calls, so your customers always get the answers they’re looking for.

After hours

Who said dealerships can’t work 24/7? With TalkSmart, we handle all after-hours calls, so your busy customers can talk to you on their schedule. Day or night, we keep your phones open and deliver more customers.


Campaigns are a great way to boost sales. But they take time, money and resources. With TalkSmart, we handle the load. We take the calls, we book the appointments, you make the sales.

How it works

TalkSmart forwards your calls to our automotive professionals based on your preferences. Flexible configuration enables you to forward calls after any amount of rings to guarantee that your customers get fast and easy service.

Inventory access

TalkSmart integrates your inventory right into the interface, enabling our automotive professionals to seamlessly search your inventory, email vehicles to the customer and book a test drive.


With your offers at our fingertips, we can include any special promotions in emails to delight your customers and increase appointment shows.

Customized experience

Each call is unique. We use custom dynamic scripting that can be navigated in real-time to provide a fluid experience for the customer. Whether sales, service or custom campaign, we handle it with ease.


Our automotive professionals are trained to book test drives and service appointments for your dealership. Turn on TalkSmart and increase your appointments on phone calls by up to 40%.

Skill based routing

We route calls based on the skill set of each operator to optimize the customer experience and increase conversion.

Quality assurance

Your customer’s experience is our top priority. That’s why we review all calls to ensure that our automotive professionals are providing the best service to your customers.

Robust Leads

We integrate with your CRM to deliver detailed leads directly to your team. Details such as customer information, vehicle of interest and a recording of the call give your team everything they need for a strong follow-up.

Comprehensive Reporting

Keep your finger on the pulse with Gubalytics, our web-based analytics portal. Get a real-time view of how your business is performing across all channels and make data-driven decisions.

Take your customer
experience to the next level

Watch calls in real-time and jump in when you want with ResQ, the most advanced hybrid call platform in automotive.

Jump into missed calls

Get real-time push notifications when a customer is in a call. View the call and jump right into the opportunity to connect with the customer instantly.

Give us a whisper

Don’t have time to jump into a call? No problem. Just send us a private whisper message to lend us a hand.

Full visibility

Analyze the productivity of your team with detailed dashboard reporting and performance analytics.

Take a test drive

You made it this far, why not take us for a spin?