Ken Garff Auto Group switches to Gubagoo and sells 134% more cars

Gubagoo is more than one of our biggest lead providers. They are an extension of our sales team and are often the first point of communication with our customers. They do a fabulous job!

Nate Sato, Director of Digital Marketing, Ken Garff Auto Group

Since their inception in 1932, Ken Garff Automotive Group has grown to have more than 56 dealerships nationwide. Their history is rich in the tradition of doing things differently to drive change, growth and progress. And they are succeeding. Today Ken Garff Automotive Group is ranked as one of the top ten automotive groups in the US.  In 2018, the Group sold more than 140,000 vehicles and generated more than $4.6 Billion in revenue1

Generating high quality leads factors into much of the Group’s success. A large portion of the Auto Group’s online leads come from Gubagoo ChatSmart, a fully managed live chat solution which is used to proactively engage with visitors on the dealership’s website, Facebook Messenger, Marketplace, Google and more.







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Fully-managed live chat with the option to connect live with customers

53 of Ken Garff’s stores have deployed Gubagoo’s fully-managed live chat service. Their professional chat specialists serve as an extension of Ken Garff’s sales team scheduling appointments, booking test drives, and providing detailed vehicle and parts information, store hours, location, and more. Most importantly, they tap into intelligence provided by Gubagoo’s patented scoring algorithm to quickly qualify web visitors, convert them into leads and send them to the dealer. 

Prior to switching to Gubagoo, the Group was using a hybrid chat service from another provider which required the dealership to manage the initial chat. If after 30 seconds there is no response, the chat rolled over to the provider to handle.  

Gubagoo provides


more leads


more cars sold


chats ResQ'd


lead conversion

December 2018 – April 2019 for all Ken Garff stores

Comparing data from 16 Ken Garff dealerships who used
Gubagoo July - December 2018 and “Other Provider” December 2017 – May 2018

For Ken Garff, switching to Gubagoo was an easy decision. Gubagoo’s fully-managed chat freed up dealership staff to focus on serving in-store customers while still allowing the sales team to watch a live chat, whisper to the operator, and jump in and connect with customers using Gubagoo’s ResQ feature. It is a win-win combination.  

Today, the entire team is trained on ResQ so they feel at ease using the Gubagoo Live mobile app to respond to customers who need live assistance. Jumping into live chats is paying off.  In six months, Ken Garff ResQ’d 7500 live chats, converting 29% into leads.

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