Mississauga Toyota Converts 23% of Gubagoo Chat Leads into Sales and Achieves 2500% ROI


Susan Gubasta is credited with leading Mississauga Toyota’s digital transformation. Since becoming President of Mississauga Toyota in 2011, Ms. Gubasta has prioritized the use of digital technology to improve the consumer experience throughout the car buyer’s journey. She understands that today’s consumers are digital natives and that the majority of car buying decisions are made online. Providing consumers with the information they want, when they want it, is imperative to growing her business.

In her quest to enable a modern, digital dealership, Ms. Gubasta has implemented several new innovations that appeal to today’s consumer that include advertising solely on digital channels and actively participating on social media. The retailer is also working with technology providers and digital marketing experts like Gubagoo to op0mize consumer engagement.

In June 2015, Mississauga Toyota deployed Gubagoo ChatSmart on their website. ChatSmart is an advanced live chat solution that consumers can use to connect with a live operator, browse inventory, book an appointment, see the latest specials, and more. At the core, the solution’s patented AI response management system provides chat operators with information on buyer behavior, which is used to deliver a tailored response and proven to generate higher quality leads that are more likely to convert.


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Gubagoo has proven to be a smart investment for Mississauga Toyota. In 2017 alone, Gubagoo generated 1,098 leads for Mississauga Toyota of which 23% converted into a sale. The return on Mississauga Toyota’s investment in Gubagoo for the year 2017 exceeded 2500%. Critical to this success was the dealership’s personalized process for lead follow up.

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Susan Gubasta, President and Dealer PrincipalMississauga Toyota

Mississauga Toyota is a family owned and operated automotive dealership located just outside of Toronto, Canada. They are recognized as one of the country’s first retailers to rely 100% on digital marketing to grow their business. In less than one year, Mississauga Toyota abandoned all traditional forms of marketing for digital and is now reaping the benefits of an omni-channel approach to consumer engagement.

Gubagoo is a leading provider of advanced live chat and behavior marketing solutions. Gubagoo is used by automotive dealerships to revolutionize the customer experience and boost lead conversion through any device and channel.

Mississauga Toyota started using Gubagoo’s live chat solution in 2015. In 2017, 23% of Gubagoo chat leads converted into a sale. This resulted in 106 vehicle sales and provided Mississauga Toyota with a return on investment (ROI) of more than 2500%.


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* Results from 1 January - 31 December, 2017

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Transformation to a Digital Dealership

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