The Future of Digital
Retailing is Here

Delight consumers and accelerate revenue growth by offering a complete online car buying experience from your website and Facebook.

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Virtual Retailing

powered by live chat, text and video

End-to-end buying

Enable your customers to get payments, value trades, add rebates, F&I and accessories, and submit a credit application.

Connecting buyers and sellers
in real-time

Get real-time alerts everytime there is a car buying engagement or repeat customer back on the site. Dealers can also pencil a deal down to the taxes through chat, live video email or text.

Track and retarget

Our retargeting feature tracks rates, incentives and reconciles all incomplete deals in real-time.

Live support from
certified Virtual F&I agents

Provide consumers with professional guidance and support anytime during the buying process. Available through live chat, text and video. Actively monitor pending deals and re-engage buyers when rates or incentives change

Re-engage deals through
multiple channels

Re-engage customers via chat, text and email to get customers back in the deal and activate your funnel.

Improve your customer experience

Give your customers the easy and convenient shopping experience they expect. Browse, build, chat and buy.

Integrated with Facebook Marketplace

More than just leads. Now you can sell cars on Facebook.

We handle all incoming inquiries through Messenger.

Consumer is ready to buy? Our AI response management system guides them through the process from start to finish.

Powerful and intuitive digital retailing solution

Consumers can build their entire deal in as little as 30 minutes

Consumers can view detailed loan or lease payment options for any vehicle on your website.


Consumers can generate a trade-in value based on real market data.


Gubagoo presents all relevant offers and discounts by vehicle, OEM, and from your dealership.


Let your customers choose from various additional custom accessories.

F&I add-ons

Grow revenue and feature your most lucrative F&I products online.

Credit app

Optional soft credit pull and online credit application saves time in the dealership.


Customers can review their purchase summary and confirm pick-up / delivery. Signature is captured in-store.

Choose from one of two Virtual Retailing packages, that seamlessly integrate with ChatSmart and Text+

Virtual Retailing Packages

Choose from one of two Virtual Retailing packages, that seamlessly integrate with ChatSmart and Text+

VR Select
Our lightweight, yet mighty solution to launch your digital retailing experience. Including, but not limited to, features like:
  • Smart VDP
  • Blaster re-targeting tool
  • Payments, trade-ins, and rebates
  • Soft credit pull
  • Price configuration
  • Create and update deals in Offer Builder
VR Pro
Our signature digital retailing platform. Includes everything in VR Select, and:
  • Retailing Specialists trained in F&I
  • Optimized in-store experience
  • Document upload and eSignature
  • Full credit application
  • Vehicle delivery
  • Facebook Messenger and Marketplace integration

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